It was First Saturday yesterday and we were busy! Lots of wonderful visiting, planning and sharing always makes me smile. Something else that happened stood out to me most of all, however. Not because it was earth shattering but because it wasn’t unusual.

One of our customers stopped by near the end of the day to look for Terri. She had a partially finished quilt made from fabric that her late husband had chosen and wanted to finish this treasure. The problem was that she no longer could locate the pattern.  Terri and Eileen worked together for quite a while to make a plan, then Eileen sewed it on one of our floor models with Terri interjecting and helping at roadblocks. The quilt is still a work in progress, but is so much closer to being completed simply because of the kindness of others.

That’s what’s important and that is why quilt shops and quilters are so special. It was important for Eileen to be able to reach out for some troubleshooting-and it meant the world to Terri that she was able to help. It wasn’t about “helping a customer”, it was “helping a friend”.

At the end of the day, that’s what matters.Eileen and terri 4 Eileen and terri 3