Last weekend, Mike and I were at the Village Quilter’s Guild show at the Lake County Fairgrounds. It was a terrific show and we met many, many nice people. Thank you for inviting us and we look forward to your next show!

An unexpected bit of fun was that the fairgrounds had the convention hall divided into 2 sections. Our side was for the quilt show and display, and the other area was set up for a huge Hoe Down.  Really!! There were haystacks, pumpkins and farm carts artfully displayed. The best part, though, were the table decorations.  Each was different.  Some used cowboy hats as planters, some used mason jars.  They all, however, used a simple open bandanna sprinkled with “diamonds”  as the main display and candles to set off the sparkle.   So much was done with so little!

Well, I came home and looked at my stash much differently.  What can I use to make a pillow, what buttons can I add, how about making a set of unmatched placemats…. So much we can do if we just run with the fun of it!  Check out WEALLSEW.COM for some great ideas to get you started.