Theresa, Mike and I just returned from Spring Market. It was wonderful! We did not meet with the fabric reps this time (they are all coming to the shop to meet with us though) because we wanted to take all the time we needed to  really see what is new. We learned a lot about the Modern Sewist and what it means to be a modern sewer.  We learned that the modern sewer like bold, fresh and straightforward designs with lots of solids. It was also evident that the traditional sewer is still a strong influence on the market!  An additional trend I enjoyed seeing was the incorporation of embroidery into pieced quilts and projects.

All in all a wonderful market that will shape how we grow in the upcoming months. Be sure to note that I used the word “grow” because we are committed to supporting ALL  styles and tastes! First step? Widen our wall of solids at the same time we bring in the new lines being offered. Along with that, we have several different lines of embroidery on the way. We are also exploring additional skill builder activities so that we all get the most from our machines.

Can’t wait! See you soon. Please let us know if there is anything YOU would like to see in the store! Elaine

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Spring Market

So much to see!