Such a busy weekend-and so much fun! We had several new visitors come in with their quilting friends and, once they saw how much fun everyone was having, they bought themselves a machine! They decided right there that they wanted to rediscover the sewing they had done years before. So much more fun than watching tv.

As I mentioned, we sold several pre-owned machines this weekend. I updated the page  with information in case you had been considering one that was listed. If you were, though, don’t worry. We are expecting several more machines will come in as trades in the near future. I will update the page as they are available.

What is happening with the shopping cart? Well, a starting inventory is loaded and ready to go. This will grow!  The shipping has been set up and now we are doing final testing on the payment options. Why is this taking so long? Because we want to make sure we set everything up to protect your information as fully as possible. It won’t be much longer.

Have  a good week and enjoy the beautiful fall weather. Don’t you think we can describe today’s sky as Cerulean Blue? Elaine