Next time you are in the store be sure to stop by the white hutch to see all the quilty gift items we have. We’ve been selling lots of quilt design night lights. A new order has been placed so more will be coming.  The quilt puzzles have also been a big hit. Nothing like sitting by a fire on a snowy night and working on a puzzle! We also just got in a selection of notion and binding bags. These have been requested frequently so we expect them to go quickly.

Oh-also, our reorder of Shabby Chic just came and we have re-kitted the Simple Squares pattern. I KNOW these are going to fly out the door because people have been calling to check on them since Madison and several have already been claimed.  I will put this on the online shop early next week if we have any left by then. Have a nice week. I am going to get moving on Christmas shopping, how about you? Elaine