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And here is one last Free item A Free history lesson! I googled quilters jokes and came up with a ton of really BAD (but good) jokes and then this:

Did You Know?

Sewing Machine Accessories, like the machines themselves, had their
successes and failures.

One gadget that never quite caught on was a musical sewing machine
 patented in 1882, that held a player-piano roll and was run by
treadle power. The treadle also activated a sewing machine fan patented
in the 1870’s and marketed for a dollar.

Among wackier devices was one that actually was used in the 19th
Century England, that is until the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
stepped in. It was a sewing machine powered by small leashed dogs
on a kind of treadmill.

Thomas Edison supposedly invented another sewing machine, tho his
biography makes no mention of it…that worked on voice power.
A membrane mounted level with the operators mouth transformed sound
waves into energy.

One pair of scissors, invented in France, boasted 18 different
 It supposedly served, among other things, as a straight edge and
ruler, a nail file, screw driver,a pen knife, a glass cutter, a wire cutter, an
ink eraser, a pattern perforator, and a cigar clipper.

I like our scissors and machines just the way they are, don’t you? Have a nice weekend, Elaine