Dear Friends,

For some unknown reason, I felt very brave this summer.  What did I do with that new found confidence? I cleaned my sewing room!

It really wasn’t too bad at first, but a moment of truth came when I hit my very old projects and my collection of thread and notions. I found spools with 2 inches of thread left on them, tiny bits of stabilizers, and lots and lots of used sewing machine needles and old rotary blades. I obviously have a bad case of “I’ll keep it, just in case!” Not a problem!  I bravely threw these relics into my discard pile.

My old projects stayed but I took time to look closely at them before I packed them away. I remembered how proud I was when I finished each item. I saw that I worked hard to make sure everything matched up and was straight. I also saw that my old machine had almost no tension and a terrible stitch.  How did I miss that and why hadn’t I gotten it fixed? Hmmm….

I decided to take a break and work on a current project. No sooner had I started working when I suddenly stopped to think, “Why am I using an old rotary blade with a flat spot?  It’s been at least a month since I hit that needle! “ I bravely threw it out, put on a new blade, and went back to my cutting.  For the first time, I realized that the lines were almost completely worn off my trusty 20 year-old ruler. After I celebrated the fact that I was NOT going blind, I went to the shop to pick up a new ruler.

It doesn’t matter if you are a modern quilter, a traditional quilter, an embroidery enthusiast, or into home decorating or garment sewing. Sewing is more enjoyable when you have thread you can use, rulers with lines, sharp (and round) blades, and a sewing machine in good working order with features that allow you to stretch your imagination. We know that but sometimes we still tend to hold on to our little pieces of thread.

So take a look around your sewing room. Do you have the tools and knowledge you need? Throw out your bits of thread, then stop by and visit us. We have just what you need!

We hope you enjoy our wonderful Fall and Winter selections.

Enjoy life! Be creative!

~Elaine, Mike and the Staff at Judy’s~