Hi all, I had several people ask if I could change our event calendar to read Sunday through Saturday rather than Monday through Sunday. I made that change so be sure you take a second look at the days of the week next time you check on an event or class. I don’t want to trip anyone up!

The Quilt Expo is going great! It is interesting to see how the different shows have completely different personalities. People have loved the Yuletide Magic fabric and To All A Good Night kits. We have re-ordered this  Benartex fabric twice this month and brought over 30 kits to this show alone and are almost sold out once again. Hopefully we will have a couple to bring back to the store! If you will not be going to Madison tomorrow, but would like to see this quilt visit http://www.benartex.com/page/yuletide-magic-301.htm   Enjoy the weekend! Elaine